Monday, July 11, 2011

Virtual Pinball Backbox Display Mounting Made Easy

Starting with a backbox that has a hinged door, we cut out extra holes where the AC plug and the VGA connectors will go.

We remove the hinge and relocate it back about 3 inches or so.

Put a stop block on the other side to keep the swinging door from going in all the way

Steve brought me a 24" LCD and a 14" LCD. We mount each of them on a plank that will get screwed onto the swinging door that we just recessed.

The threads on these monitor mounting holes were metric M4 -.7

Position the monitors, then screw mounting brackets onto the swinging door.

No need for de-casing the displays. They both fit neatly in the backbox.
Now all we need is to cut a bezel from 1/2" MDF and route some proper-sized
rectangular holes for the displays.

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