Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nintendo PimpChoice10

I was able to get my pimp-hands on a ghetto-licious Playchoice 10 cabinet. It was empty, dirty, and had mo holes in the control panel than a $5 ho at a crackheads convention.

So I decided to pimp-MAME this muther out!!!

Yo, it gots chrome T-molding, and a 3" Trackball!!! It gots 2 joysticks and 6 buttons each fo puttin' da pimp-slap on all my Mortal Kombat bitchez...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Computer Monitor to Arcade Monitor Frame Transplant

Check it out. I took a Dell M992 computer monitor and transplanted it to a standard arcade monitor frame from an Electrohome GO7-CBO.

We start by decasing the Dell M992 computer monitor.

Once the yoke, wires, and chassis are exposed, it's a good idea to disconnect the grounds, degauss coil, V and H, and the remote PCB.

I went ahead and bolted the top tube ears. This will hold the monitor at the proper level for the next step, which is bolting the bottom ears using an adapter.

I found a flat piece of metal with holes the right distance apart.

Since the 19" computer monitor tube is a little smaller than the arcade monitor tube, we have to make adapters to mount the monitor "ears" onto the Electrohome GO7-CBO frame. I used a flat metal bracket with the holes about 3/4" apart for the bottom ears. For the top ears I used left-over coin door latches with holes drilled in them.

I had to push the chassis forward as far as I could, then zip tie it in place using convenient holes and tabs.

Here I am testing it to make sure all that handling did not damage the monitor.

Here it is mounted inside a Tempest mini.