Friday, June 4, 2010

Discs of Tron w Switcher.MOV



Kozmic Krooz'r Operational

I got this Kozmic Krooz'r a year or two ago in Savannah GA. The boardset had been taken out for safekeeping since the cabinet was falling apart. It was also missing the monitor. The fellow who sold it to me also sold me a fully working Wacko with a brand new Happ Vision Pro. I thought it would be cool to have a Wacko and a Kozmic Krooz'r. And what luck to find them both in one lot, and for a terrific price.

I took the Wacko back home immediately and proceded to replace the bottom. Both cabinets had been in a flood so the bottoms were deteriorating. The Kozmic Krooz'r eventually sat in my Mom's storage place for a year or two. I finally took it back home and mended the bottom, put the boardset back in, installed a Happ Vision Pro.

Powered the Krooz'r up and the background colors changed randomly, which I suspected was not normal. Also, the colors on the letters looked funny.

I installed an Arcadeshop MCRII switching power supply kit and here is video of that. The background colors only change when the level is finished now. The video looks a bit more stable too.