Sunday, February 28, 2010


I got this cabinet as a trade. It was a DK, then a Regulus, then a Galaga... with an inkjet marquee...

Poor cabinet has had a rough life:

Bezel turned inside-out. Control panel molested several times...

Spray painted black, and white iron-on edging glued on.

Inkjet Galaga marquee... with electrical tape...

Sir Hacks-a-Lot spares no boardsets...

Not even monitor frames...

This story does have a happy ending though. Here is the cabinet after I rehabilitated it:

Re-painted cabinet with correct Nintendo T-molding.

New control panel, overlay, and instruction card.

Virgin Asahi-Seiko coin mechs.

Donkey Kong Lives!!!

Space Invaders Multi

2/6/2010... I think...
Got my Space Invaders back from Melinda's. The cabinet is in really good shape.

I went ahead and replaced the ailing fluorescent fixture with an under-the-cabinet fixture and put the blacklight bulb back in. Looks awesome.

Testing Power Supplies...

I got this Topower Zumax power supply at Microcenter. I usually run a burn-in test on new power supplies.

First I have to jumper pin 13 and 14 using the paper clip trick so that it will turn on when it is plugged in. I load one of the molex connectors with an old hard drive. Once it has run for a few hours, I clip and crimp the wires for pins 13 and 14.

Then I attach some right angle brackets for mounting into the cabinet.

I just use 1/2" hex screws and 51 cent brackets. I don't drill all the way through, just a little divot, and then power in the hex screw right in.


Super Pac Multi

2/19/2010... I think...
Finished up the SuperPac Multi and delivered it to Athens.

And in exchange, I got a complete Ms Pac, and a complete Galaga.

I had to "extract" the Ms Pac out of a shed in the backyard. The bottom was a few inches deep into the dirt, there was water damage... plus a little extra... more on that later.

February 2010

Well, ever since the layoffs at ACS at the end of January, I have had plenty of time to work on my project cabinets. Not much happening the first 2 weeks or so of February. Mostly getting used to the routine.