Sunday, June 19, 2011

Backbox on Rawhide Virtual Pinball

Got the backbox bezel done. I used some of the base-board molding that was left over from the renovations.

The bezel looks really white... I may do an antiqueing on it to make it match the cabinet a little better.

Plunger unit rebuild on Stern Rawhide Virtual Pinball

Got the plunger unit rebuilt. The end was broken anyway so I cut the shaft shorter and made a new slot for the c-clip by chucking the shaft in the drill press and using a hack saw to cut the slot.

I used a right angle bracket and some tiny nuts and bolts to mount the microswitch.


Got the Millipede Multicade done. The cabinet is nice.

The control panel came out amazing.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

RAWHIDE Virtual Pinball

OK, here is the second Virtual Pinball Project. It is a Stern Rawhide that I got from Mitch. The original stenciled artwork was in really good condition, so I decided to save it. It just needed some cleaning up.

This cabinet will have a 32" Playfield display, and a 23" Backbox display.

I got an Acer 23" LCD from Microcenter. It mounted nicely in the backbox using a 2x4, and some aluminum brackets for the mounting holes. The bezel is made from 1/2" MDF using.

The playfield monitor is a 32" Proview I got at the Hallmark store next to my work. Heavy SOB!!! I attached a couple of 2x4s in the to rest it in the cabinet.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Got the Centipede wired for power and got the JAMMA harness populated. Boards should come in the mail today so I hope to get the cabinet finished by this weekend.

Monday, June 6, 2011

More software installation

Installed an ASUS 210 card in Steve's Dell Optiplex GX280. Got the Virtual Pinball software going and got 2 displays stable.

No luck with my GX280/EVGA210 combo. Re-installing TinyXP to see if it will perform better.

Stripped the Centipede and got the CP mounted. Got some stuff ready to Muti...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kangaroo Multi

Kangaroo Multicade sold today.

Also got the following things accomplished:

Rawhide pinball cabinet cleaned with the Magic Eraser and alcohol. Hit it with Novus 2.

Bezel routed for an eMachines 23" LCD.

Mounted a Samsung SyncMaster 995 onto an GO7 frame and into the Centipede cabinet.

Drilled out 2 more holes in the spare Centipede CP, and cut and drilled the lexan for it.

Moved some cabinets around now SP, BZ, DOT, SW Trilogy, KK, Tempest Mini, Centipede.