Saturday, June 11, 2011

RAWHIDE Virtual Pinball

OK, here is the second Virtual Pinball Project. It is a Stern Rawhide that I got from Mitch. The original stenciled artwork was in really good condition, so I decided to save it. It just needed some cleaning up.

This cabinet will have a 32" Playfield display, and a 23" Backbox display.

I got an Acer 23" LCD from Microcenter. It mounted nicely in the backbox using a 2x4, and some aluminum brackets for the mounting holes. The bezel is made from 1/2" MDF using.

The playfield monitor is a 32" Proview I got at the Hallmark store next to my work. Heavy SOB!!! I attached a couple of 2x4s in the to rest it in the cabinet.

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