Friday, January 22, 2010

Midway Cocktail PC Monitor Mounting

Here are some pictures of the monitor mounting in my Pacman cocktail table.

The monitor I am using is a 19" Dell Flat CRT (model M992) with a black casing.

At the bottom of the cabinet, I have a shelf (about 12-1/4" x 14") that supports the monitor.

The shelf sits on two supports (5" high). The short support (on the right) is attached to the bottom of the cabinet using a sheet metal bracket. The long support (on the left) is screwed directly to the wood where the coin bucket sits.

There are two strips of wood on each side of the monitor that keep it in place. These are attached to the sides of the cabinet using drywall screws.

The monitor will rest on the shelf and be held in place by the two strips on the sides. Once the table top is closed and locked into place, the monitor will be held securely inside the cabinet.

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