Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday 09

Got the correct trackball color on the Crystal Castles. Now I just got to figure out how I want to light it up. Also put a NOS Red balltop handle on the Journey and tuned the Leaf Switches. Works great now, not that it did not before, but the handle was too tall. Now it is great.

Also went to Doug's and got some more junk, including a neat little Mr Do cocktail. That will be a fun project.

Also discovered Pedro Altamiranda and remembering the Carnaval in Colon that Marina used to take me to. And I can picture exactly what this joker is singing about!!! Because I was there, and I know the Panamanian slang that he is using...Those were some profound grooves!!! I listen now and it is like it was engrained into my psyche from a young age... I got to find more of this stuff!!!

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