Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good Ol' Saturday...

Man how do those weeks just zoom by... I turned my gameroom upside down to rearrange stuff and try to get a Pinball in there, but that plan was abborted... Will do it in the next house because we will make sure to get lots of space for my activities... I did manage to purge some stuff, sell on Ebay, store at work, and declutter in general... it is much nicer now, got rid of about 16 sq ft of desk space in favor of more machines. I can bring 2 back in with the current setup. I can even bring back the 27" CRT computer monitor instead of this dinky little 17" CRT.

That was a tough week at work with the Nevergo battery charger... it nevergo away the way it is performing...

Glad to be back doing MAME related activities... gonna try to get these OPPs out of here that I have been putting off, that will give me some room in the shop so I can work more efficiently in there.

Rediscovered Toddicus's blog again and my wife thinks he is absolutely charming. Elmo has a bunch more new stories to tell at bedtime by recounting Tito's blog.

Well gotta go out to the salad place, and shop for some electronics... see ya next time.

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